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How To Prevent Divorce: 5 Simple Methods To Adopt

By Henrickson Dia

Divorce can be prevented. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Put the following factors into consideration and your marriage will be secured forever.


It is good for both partners to work hard to attain financial freedom. Family budget and expense should be adopted. Look for new business ideas if your present job is not rewarding. If the white collar job is not forth coming or rewarding, you can be self employed. Be your own boss and enjoy financial freedom.

No family can be very happy when there is lack and financial insufficiency. Who can be happy when there is hunger and lack? The Bible said that any man who cannot care for his family is worse than an infidel.

The man has the sole responsibility to care for his family. You are responsible. "Money answers all things", so says the Bible. So work hard to achieve financial success for the family.

Emotional Satisfaction:

It is the duty of both partners to satisfy one another sexually. Sex should not be viewed as means of reproduction only. It equally gives emotional satisfaction. It is to be enjoyed and explored.

At this junction, I would like to direct my speech to the male partners because it is common to see men in extra marital affairs than the women. In fact some men marry more than one wife while a woman cannot marry more than one husband at the same time otherwise she commits bigamy.

Men get aroused quickly during sexual intercourse than the women and so he reaches orgasm earlier when the woman is yet to begin the journey.

The man therefore selfishly or ignorantly abandons the woman on her journey to orgasm because of his temporal satisfaction. Most times he does not actually attain orgasm but mere ejaculation. In an attempt to get satisfaction he looks for another woman. The truth is that what he looking for elsewhere is right there in his wife. He should have dug deeper. A man will get satisfaction when he satisfies his wife not by jumping from one woman to another in deception thinking that is where it is.

"Drink water from your own cistern" - an advise from the book of proverb in the Bible. When you try different sexual positions you will soon discover that your wife is 'a million women' in one. Different sexual styles and positions should be employed catching the fun. If your man is ignorant of these things, the woman can initiate it. Don't think your husband will call you a whore. He will not, especially when he gets satisfied; otherwise what do you think makes some men go around hunting for girls or marry a second wife?

Moral Discipline or Sacrifice:

Love is sacrificial. It involves giving. That is, the giving up of a valued thing for the sake of something else. It could be symbiotic, mutual and reciprocal.

A good example of sacrifice is that of God sending his son Jesus to the world to die in the stead of mankind.

"God so loved the world that He gave His only born son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life".

In the book of Ephesians in the Bible, Paul compares the love of husband and wife to that of Christ and the Church.

Jesus loves the Church and gave His life for her.

The Church demonstrates reciprocity by her devotion or obedience to God.

Excellent love stimulates or provokes obedience while obedience promotes love vis-a-vis. Much love from the husband will help to mould a woman's character.

The only virtue which God used to win the wicked world to Himself is love. Moses was once named as murderer in the Bible but when he received forgiveness and the love of God, he was later named as the meekest man on earth.

The same Bible that gives the injunction "husband love your wife" also said "wives summit yourselves to your husbands".

No love, no submission. No submission, no love.

One compliments the other. The one is the product of the other.

This is a mystery. It is in itself the marriage counselor. You do not need any marriage expert or counselor if you know and practice these things.

The Bible added that the body of the man is for the woman while the body of the woman is for the man.

Which man would like to treat his body bad? Or which woman would like to treat her body bad?

The woman's body including all its features, beautiful face, charming legs, apple - like and succulent breast, her living fountain (vagina) and much more is for the use of the man. It has no comparison in value to any earthly properties like cars, houses, planes etc.

A beautiful and responsible woman is a pride to her husband. Caring for your wife should be a life venture because whatever fruit she bears is for the man to reap, good or bad. This is in line with the adage "Behind every successful man there is a woman"

The man should do everything that will make his wife more beautiful, healthy and happy.

The woman too should make out the man she wants out of her husband; loving, strong and virile. You can build your husband to an enviable standard. He is for you, treat him the way another woman would hardly do.


Childlessness in marriage leads to loneliness and weariness. Sociologists believe that childlessness is the common cause of divorce. It is estimated that 66% of divorce in the US is as a result of childlessness.

In this case you can consult your doctor and nutritionist for food supplement or herbal products which are common these days.

Divine Guidance:

Every success has spiritual undertone

Prayer is a necessary ingredient to a successful marriage.

To pray simply means to condition your heart with the word of God. The word of God gives the heart a positive thought, confidence, boldness, self esteem, optimism, enthusiasm and above all love, joy, happiness and hope. That is what prayer is all about.

Anything apart from this is ceremony and mere recitation.

Once your heart is conditioned positively it will affect whatever thing you do. As a man thinks in his heart so he is - book of proverbs in the Bible.

Jesus said when you pray believe that you have received and you shall have your request granted unto you. Therefore, every challenge that comes to your matrimonial home can be straightened up by prayers. The husband and wife can get involved in the art of prayers. The Bible said one will put a thousand to flight while two will put to flight ten thousand. Two good heads, they say, are better than one. "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst" - Jesus Christ.

The husband and wife can leverage on the power of corporate prayer to achieve a successful marriage.

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