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Seniors Needs Are Similar To Younger Adults In Many Ways But Considerably Different In Others

by: Paula Stone

Seniors have the same needs everyone else has.

They need food, shelter, some secure income, friends, something to keep them entertained, and good medical care.

But it is also true that seniors may have other needs like handicapped accessibility at home, help with house keeping and shopping, or even skilled nursing and medical care.

While young people might need these things, too, seniors have more health issues and accessibility challenges than young people without disabilities.

But younger people may also have similar needs, too.

It seems sensible to build accessibility into all new or remodeled homes. Anyone who has had knee surgery knows that a few grab bars in the bathroom could really help. Lots of pregnant women would also vote for ground floor bedrooms and baths. And anyone who has had an accident or injury would, too.

So plan ahead.

1. Rig out your home to accommodate any health problems you may develop later or make a decision about where to move to if you get health issues. For instance some seniors are unable to cook at all, much less prepare healthy meals. Get help when you are at this point. Some elder care facilities will do this and other chores for you.

2. Get insurance to pay for elder care you need at some point in your life.

3. Have a living will so family members know what your wishes are if you canít make decisions, understand problems and communicate.

4. Try to stay close to friends and/or family when deciding where you want to retire.

5. Get to know people at Home Health agencies in your area. Know who are the best at what they do.

6. Try to stay mentally alert and involved in activities that keep you interested and happy, even after you have health issues.

7. Get good medical care. Some doctors and caregivers are better than others. If you donít feel comfortable with the care you are getting, get a social worker, pastor, friend or lawyer to be a patient advocate for you. You donít always have to handle everything alone. Get help if you need it.

Many seniors manage at home for most of their lives. But make plans and take actions that make you comfortable and safeguard you. Explore your options before you have to do it after something like a heart attack or a fall. It will make all your decisions easier if you know what you want to do.

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About the Author:

Paula Stone is a lifestyle specialist. She works with her husband Ron in his various businesses including an insurance agency specializing in final expense insurance or burial insurance. Learn more at their websites, and

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