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Should Seniors and Retirees Consider Working Part Time?

by: David Hamilton

Senior and retirees working part-time is a big question for some of us who are retired, or nearing retirement. With the state of the economy today, you must wonder, if your retirement savings will be enough, or should you start looking for something else to do with your spare time? This recession has battered retirees, and the need to replace lost revenue is intense. Getting a part-time job, maybe the right solution.

According to A.A.R.P., senior bankruptcy has risen to nearly 150% over the past 20 years. Seniors between age 75 and 85 are the most likely to file for bankruptcy. This startling trend is mostly due to unforeseen out of pocket medical expenses, insufficient retirement planning, and social security benefits that have fallen below the required level needed for the current recession now gripping the country with no end in sight.

It will be easier to think of working part-time if you realize that working full time is no longer a must. The computer has enabled the adjustment of working hours as well as location of where you work. This is probably a good time to reconsider traditional thinking.

Seniors and retirees should consider working part-time in order to increase their retirement savings, or supplement their retirement income. While many retailers offer part-time positions, seniors also have the option of posting items on “EBAY” or similar sites to make extra money. Once seniors reach retirement age, they are allowed to earn up to $37,680 annually without any government penalties.

Since I retired, I have found that working in my home office, is very rewarding. I can work when I want, and still be able to take care of the day-to-day chores that need tending to. I spend most of my spare time on the internet doing research and writing articles and doing internet marketing. Since I retired, I joined “Wealthy Affiliate University” online. With W.A. I am learning all I need to know about online marketing and bringing in a substantial income while learning at the same time. If you are interested in starting, a second income stream, “Wealthy Affiliate” is the way to go.

Seniors and retirees will benefit greatly by entering the Affiliate Marketing World and joining Wealthy Affiliate. Here you are taught all aspects of internet marketing, and getting yourself trained to become a success. This is a community of successful entrepreneurs that will assist you all along the way. With W.A. you can develop, customize, and publish your personal website or blog, and have your own little piece of the internet world.

Internet sales has grown in the past 5 years, growing beyond retail sales. E-Commerce is expected to triple in the next two years. From $23 billion online revenue to well over 60 billion. There is more than enough room in the marketing pond for you. You can sign up for my marketing course, ten lessons called; “ The Mad Marketing Method.” Absolutely free, by visiting my website. Try it and see if you like the I M world. You can even begin to create income by just signing up and taking this course.

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