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Two Kinds of Prayer

by Dr David Jeremiah

Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!" Mark 9:24

Recommended Reading Matthew 6:9-13

Christians who attend liturgical church services--services where prayers and creeds are written out and repeated each Sunday--find security in the repetition of time-honored words. Christians who attend non-liturgical services find comfort in the opposite--praying and professing in a different, spontaneous way each week. Not only is there room for both in Christendom, there is room for both in each Christian's life.

Jesus taught His disciples a prayer to pray--word for word--that has been repeated in church services for nearly two thousand years (Matthew 6:9-13). But the Bible is also filled with instances of spontaneous prayers--prayers that only make sense in the moment. Like the father who sought relief for his demonized son: "Lord my unbelief!" Prayers prayed by memory allow us time to pray meditatively, thinking about God rather than searching for words. Spontaneous prayers call up passion and devotion and shameless dependence on the only One who can help.

As you pray, include both practiced prayers and pressured prayers. And enjoy the blessings that come from each.

Comment from a Reader

My eldest son once said to me “Mom you talk to God like He's standing right next to you”......He's right. It's sometimes hard to discern what the communication in my heart and mind is with God as pretty much everything runs by Him...Is it prayer or is it simply constant communication with Him? Still, there is a time for concentrated prayer on bended knee....I think that being “real” before Him is at the root of prayer. He knows us and what we are thinking so might as well tell it like it is.

I think there are many forms of prayer...from crying out to jubilance and all in between. But it is the constant communion with Him that as you know keeps us united with Him...He never moves from us...always there to confer with and run things by Him...I love this and cannot imagine being any other way.

On the other hand I can and do get frustrated with God...and share that with Him as well. Moses argued and debated with God as did others and Job asked many questions. I believe we are free to do so as well...even so far as to share our doubts and lack of faith when it seems far from us at times.

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