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The Ladder of Success is Never Crowded at the Top

by Napoleon Hill

The man with creative vision knows that he can succeed only by helping others succeed, and he knows also that it is not necessary for another man to fail in order that he may succeed.

The man with creative vision produces results instead of alibis. If he makes mistakes, as all men do, he is not afraid to accept the responsibility for them, and he never tries to shift that responsibility to another man.

He makes decisions quickly, but changes them just as readily when he discovers that he has made the wrong decision. He has no fear of others, either of higher or lower rank than himself, for he is at peace with his own conscience, is fair with his fellowmen, and honest with himself.

These are some of the traits of character of which creative vision is born.

These are plain words, but men of sound character and creative vision relish plain speaking.

One of the common weaknesses of most of us is that we look with envy at the men who have attained noteworthy success, taking stock of them during the hour of their triumph without taking note of the price each had to pay for his success. And we erroneously believe that they owe their success to some sort of pull, luck or dishonesty.

Personal achievement, power, fame and riches: each has a definite price, and the man with creative vision not only knows the price but is willing to pay it.

The man with creative vision understands the benefits of sharing his blessings, his experiences and his opportunities with others, for he recognizes that only by this method can he attain and enjoy enduring prosperity, happiness and the respect of other men.

The man with creative vision also understands that combined creative vision of several minds, directed toward a definite end in a spirit of harmony, is the very heart of the master mind principle and that this type of creative vision is a tremendous source of power.

Source: PMA: Science of Success. Pgs. 419-420

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