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Scare Yourself

by Wes Hopper

"Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change."
Jim Rohn

Most people go through life wishing
their lives were better in one way or
another. When nothing changes,
they decide life is hard, and success
comes from luck, or connections.

Well, I've got good news for you! It
does take luck and connections to
be successful, but you don't have to
wait for a miracle, you can create
all of that stuff yourself.

But here's the catch - the "you" of
today who starts out to do that will
not be the "you" that achieves it.

As the master, Jim Rohn, points out,
you have to change - you, yourself. If
today's you could have it, you would.

Most of us, when we're first confronted
with the wicked truth about change,
wonder what that means and how we
can do that.

Here's a great way to get started. Keep a
log of your day. Write down how you
spent your time, in small intervals like
ten minutes.

Why small intervals? Because that's where
the time goes. You think you worked an
hour on something, but when the small
bits add up, it's only 30 minutes.

How else can you change? Do something
that scares you - like give a speech,
mentor a colleague, approach someone
you respect and ask them to mentor you.

Find your most comfortable and
unproductive habit, and change it. Get
out of your comfort zone, and stay out!

Keep telling yourself that this is the new
and real you, and you're not going back
to the old ways.

Eventually you won't want to.

Source: Daily Gratitude

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