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A Diabetes Breakthrough: Insulin Shots Lasting 120 Days

July 2010: Up until now, people with diabetes have had to give themselves painful daily insulin shots. The effects last for only 16-18 hours at the most. A team of Indian researchers changed all that. They have developed a novel form of insulin for diabetics in which a single shot could help maintain near normal blood sugar levels for as long as 120 days. (That is 4 months!!)

The new form of insulin has been developed by the researchers of the National Immunology Institute, New Delhi under the guidance of Professor Avadhesha Surolia.

They demonstrated a new "prodrug"-precursor of a drug-that releases just about the right amount of insulin in the body in a sustained manner.

The team spent 2 million rupees (about 48,000 US$) and took two years to come with this novel solution. These scientists have already patented the technology, commercialized it and the new insulin could well become a big commercial success in times to come.

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According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes and another 57 million people have pre-diabetes which puts them at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If the current diabetes trend continues, nearly one out of every three children will face a life of diabetes.

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