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A Brain Surgeon's Commons Sense Tips to Reduce Brain Tumor Risks

Dr Charlie Teo, from Australia's Channel 7's Last Chance Surgery, says it is better to avoid electro- magnetic radiation. He says that electromagnetic radiation is problematic although jury is still out on it. But he says it is better to take 'prevention better than cure' approach and minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation exposure. There are some recent studies about the connection between Mobile phone use and cancer.

Turn off the electrical appliances, especially in the bedrooms, completely when not in use. Also, don't eat microwaved foods immediately. Wait a few minutes. The food continues to be cooked after it has been taken out of the oven.

Brain cancer surgeon Charlie Teo has urged people to put mobile phones on loudspeaker,
move clock radios to the foot of the bed and wait until microwaves have finished beeping before opening them..

The controversial Sydney specialist stated recently in Melbourne, Australia that although the jury was still out on mobile phones and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, we should not take risks.

"Even though the jury's not in, just to err on the side of safety I would try and limit the amount of electromagnetic radiation that you're exposed to," he said.

"The American government, for example, recommend that all electrical appliances should be put at the foot of the bed and not the head of the bed.

"Electric blankets should be turned off before you get in bed and definitely wait for those five beeps before you open the microwave.

"With the mobile phone I encourage you to put it on loudspeaker and step outside rather than sticking it up to your brain."

Dr Teo, who tackles tumors other surgeons deem inoperable, said some hair dyes, particularly red, could also cause brain cancer in people with a predisposition.

"The body needs some genetic predisposition. The hair dye, the mobile phone, they're just catalysts but you probably need some sort of genetic aberration to get the cancer in the first place," he said.

Fast cancers

Dr Teo said while breast cancer doubled its cell numbers in weeks or months, the quickest brain cancers took just 16 hours.

No age group was immune and the incidence of brain tumors was growing.

"It's increasing in frequency both in this country and developing countries and it used to be ranked out of the top 10 but it's just joined the top 10 most common cancers," he said.

Recent studies have raised alarm bells about mobile phones.

An unreleased World Health Organization study reportedly found "a significantly increased risk" of some brain tumors related to use of mobile phones for 10 years or more.

A Suleyman Demirel University study in Turkey also found wearing a mobile phone on your belt may lead to decreased bone density in an area of the pelvis commonly used for bone grafts.

Dr Teo said there had been some advancements in treating tumors, like microwave therapy and putting chemotherapy directly into a tumor. A healthy diet, meditation and positive thought could also be beneficial.

"We believe that they probably boost the immune system," he said.

Dr Teo's Tips to Reduce Brain Tumor Risks

- Get eight hours sleep a night and eat well to boost your immune system
- Keep electrical appliances like clock radios at the foot of the bed
- Turn electric blankets off before retiring
- Put mobile phones on hands-free
- Wait until the microwave finishes beeping before opening it.

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