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Church Icon/Logo/Symbol

by D. Michael Poe


What is the meaning of our Church Logo/Symbol?


The emblem we see being used by the Syrian - Syrian Malankara Orthodox church is very simple yet very rich.

Patriarchal Logo

We have the turbin on top in the center which represents that our Patriarch and Bishops carry the Apostolic succession of authority directly from the Apostles through direct Apostolic succession we have.

Then have the Holy cross and the staff with the serpent near the top. The cross, of course, represents our Lord's victory over death and His glorious resurrection which he has bestowed upon us all who faithfully believe in Him and follow Him according to the Gospels and the Holy Church. It is the symbol of our eternal life in Yashua and also represents the cross all of us must carry as His humble disciples by renouncing ourselves and worldly pleasures and transient concerns and denying our selves and picking up our cross and faithfully following our Lord by crucifying our passionate, earthly temptations and carrying our cross of submission to the Holy Gospel and our Lord.

The staff with the serpent which is carried by the Patriarch and bishops represents the staff that Moses lifted up in the wilderness which was a direct prophecy of our Lord's glorious crucifixion for our sins and His glorious resurrection by which He has raised all of us who come unto Him as our Lord, God and Saviour, together with His eternal and omnipotent Father and saving life giving spirit.

I hope this humble explanation helps.

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