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Great Lent

Great Lent Reading Planner based on the Gospel of John

by George Aramath
Malankara World Board Member

The young adults from St. Ignatius church put together a Great Lent Reading Planner based on John's Gospel.

If you are interested in making this Great Lent more meaningful, please take part in our Great Lent Planner. Each day you will read a portion from Johnís Gospel, taking only 10-15 minutes.

Below is a practical strategy to use with this planner called ďholy reading":

1) Read your portion for each day at least once

2) Select a verse or part of a verse for meditation

3) Close your eyes and repeat your verse for at least one minute in meditation

4) Write this verse in the Great Lent Planner

5) Repeat this verse throughout day (i.e. when brushing, arriving at work, eating, etc.

6) Repeat these steps for each day

a. If you forget, donít be too harsh on yourself; continue with next dayís reading

b. If you have difficult time finding a verse, repeat verse from previous day

Planner may be downloaded here (pdf).

You can also access it from the Google Docs Link below:

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