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Great Lent

The General Canons of Fasting

by Rev. Fr. Dr. Chirathilattu Biji Markose

Bar Ebroyo depends upon the decision of the Synod of Laodicea and from him oft quoted Patriarch Timotheos [1] and Patriarch John III of Antioch to describe the "dos and don'ts" in the great lent. The synod of Laodicea admonishes [2] that one should fast on the whole fasting time eating only the less nutritious (dry) food.

In the 40 days lent (Great Lent), it is not right to say the Holy Mass except on Sundays and Saturdays. It is not correct to conduct wedding feasts and birthday parties during the forty days lent. But the remembrance of the martyrs may be done.

Patriarch John [3] says that it is not allowed that the commemorations of the deceased or funeral repasts take place in the great lent except on Sundays or on Saturdays. In one of his directives, [4] Bar Ebroyo says that, not only meat, egg, milk and cheese, but fish and wine are also prohibited for the believers during the big lent. But Patriarch Timotheos [5] gives the exemption that if a woman delivers in the Passion Week; she is allowed to drink wine, if she wishes it. Likewise, Patriarch Cyriacus [6] exempts all the sick people, the people under constraint, the pregnant and nursing women and all under the age of twenty from fasts.

In the normal days of the great lent a Christian should not break the fast before the ninth hour. On Saturday and Sunday and in the other lent times it is ended at noon. [7]


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Source: Chirathilattu Biji Markose: "Prayers and Fasts according to Bar Ebroyo, A Study On the Prayers and Fasts of the Oriental Churches", Lit Publischers, Muenster, 2004

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