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Great Lent

Water Turned in To Good Wine at Cana: Spiritual Implications

by Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob

1st WEEK OF LENT (KOTHNE): Water Turned in to Wine at Cana

Our Lord and disciples along with virgin Mother attend a wedding at Cana. The wine is prematurely finished. Mary intercedes. He turns six twenty/thirty gallon stone water-pots of water into good wine.

Our Church explains the incident most spiritually. In our prayers for the Monday evening (Penkisa), we say that it was Jesus himself who emptied their wine bottles. When He was in Mary's womb He was sustaining the universe. He is almighty God. The prayer adds that the wedding party of music and dancing was changed to glory and halleluiahs.

He converted the water in the cleansing Jars to good wine, proclaiming the reason for his incarnation, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection; which is the cleansing of all humanity from their sins. The old wine bottles are thrown away when you are a Christian.

The 2nd part of the miracle is done on the Cross, hanging on that two pieces of timber, hands stretched out as extended as possible. In the Passover evening He proclaimed that the time has come.

In the 1st part (in Cana) He said His time has not come yet.

Mary was interceding, as anybody of faith in Jesus should. Feel the burden of others and intercede for others with our Lord, so that we have the feeling of communion through Jesus.

According to John Chrysostom; When Isaac wanted to bless Esau, he sent him out to hunt and asked him to bring a meal for him so that he would be pleased in the meal and bless Esau. Jacob got the blessing by setting the meal before Isaac.

But Jesus became the meal that humanity would eat, be pleased and be blessed. He did not send us out. He received us in, in to Himself. When He promised Noah that He would not destroy the world with water, He was making the positive promise that He was going to save us through water. The passage through the red sea was only a shadow. The conversion of water to wine and wine to His precious blood for our cleansing is real.

Oh God! You are Miracle,
Oh God! You are Qurbono,
Oh Qurbono! You are the Miracle

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