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Syriac Orthodox Church - BBC

What is special about Syriac Orthodox Church and Eastern Orthodox Church Worship, in general, is beautifully covered in this short video produced by BBC.

Instead of the rational, tidy Christianity of the West, this is the face that glories in mystery. It pays meticulous attention to rituals, in particular, the quality of performance.

Eastern Christianity is more in touch with its origins than the west.

The liturgy is simple and rich in symbolism.

The way people communicate is not just through words, but also through gestures, body language,  voice, tune, etc. used.

This is also very different than how western spirituality has developed. Western spirituality was developed through philosophers. Theologians were philosophers. In east, the theologians were either poets, icon drawers, etc.

Eastern Christianity has made it a priority of passing down gestures that takes us through the beginning of Christianity.

The language used is Syriac, a form of Aramaic spoken by Jesus Christ.


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