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H.e.r.e, W.i.t.h H.I.M.C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S

Yes, I meet Him often in these days:
When I was in agony and in anxiety
He accompanied me in an ordinary way
When I felt my heart is torn apart
Due to the stress and struggle of the day
He simply intervened in my life

When I was sad and in search of solace
He accomplished my desire of being loved
And His presence was gentle and jubilant
When I was in tears and tired out
He just sat beside me to lean on
When I have no answers and stand still

In the midst of confusions and without conclusions
He smiled at me and whispered, Im here.
When I realized that Im not alone
He became the responds and resolution
When I do not know, how the days will pass
In my studies and in other activities

He walks ahead of me and settle them quietly
When I grumble and gamble, He is serene
When Im aware or unaware, He is there
You may feel His presence in your hearts and homes,
Wherever life takes you in the year
Whatever surprises you may go through

Source: Dr. Meena Joseph, Milwaukee, WI

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