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Are Science and Christianity Compatible?

Chapter 3: One Time Beginning

Throughout human history man has gazed in awe at the stars, wondering what they are and how they got there.

Although on a clear night we only see about 6,000 stars, trillions of them are spread out among billions of galaxies.

However, prior to the 20th century, most scientists believed our Milky Way galaxy was the entire universe, and that only about 100 million stars existed. The prevailing view even then was that our material universe had always existed.

But in the early 20th century, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered the universe actually had a beginning. A beginning implies a "Beginner," which the Bible had firmly revealed. Concerned materialists like Sir Fred Hoyle scoffed at the idea of a one-time beginning, sarcastically calling the explosion a "big bang."

However, the evidence for a beginning kept mounting. Finally, in 1992, COBE satellite experiments proved that the universe really did have a one-time beginning. 3 Doubters were silenced by the overwhelming evidence. For lack of a better name, this beginning became known by Hoyle's label of "the big bang." [see "Back to the Beginning"]

Many scientists realized that this discovery coincided with the Genesis account of a beginning. Furthermore, they realized that prior to creation even matter and energy could not have existed. Therefore, after centuries of erroneous belief, science came around to agree with the Bible that everything came from nothing.

Some scientists had a major problem with this confirmation of the Bible, and sought other explanations. However, others like agnostic George Smoot, the Nobel Prize winning scientist in charge of the COBE experiment admits:

"There is no doubt that a parallel exists between the big bang as an event and the Christian notion of creation from nothing." 4

The COBE experiments and Einstein's theorems both confirm a one time creation of the universe, a position the Bible has maintained for 3500 years.

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