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by H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios

This sermon is a theological summary of my theology which has little novelty. Hinduism believes in salvation by work (Karma). Roman Catholics and most of Protestants believe in salvation by faith (Sola fadi). In my humble study I consider salvation by Grace alone. Hinduism is advaitha philosophy of Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya. According to that theory plurality is maya. Brahman is beyond the number. This is advaita (Jeevathman and Paramathaman). Ultimately all will be have moksha for maya through karma and rebirths. There is no eternal hell.

According to Roman Catholics and Protestants, salvation is by faith and work and ultimately only those who believe in Christ and obey the bible will go to heaven. Others will be in purgatory or eternal hell. The basis is 1 John 5: 16, the Orthodox Church does not speak the last word on eschatology. One thing is sure, the word eternal hell is neither in the bible nor in Nicene creed. This I affirm because absolute punishment will not be given by God for relative sins. Even the wicked man must have done some good things in life. Therefore no human being deserves eternal hell. Furthermore God alone is eternal. If devil is also eternal, God's eternity will vanish 'two absolutes cancel each other'.

The Holy Bible teaches salvation by Grace Eph: 2:8 and other verses speak grace as the original Gift of God. There is no verse in the bible which says the faith is before grace. Grace is prevail grace. It is like rain from above. Faith is a vessel that receives rain (grace). Grace precedes faith, justice, goodness, etc. Blessed Virgin Mary was told by the angel that grace and peace are given to you (Hail to you full of grace Luke 1: 28). Full of goodness is only in God, Blessed Virgin Mary was the daughter of the first Eve who fell; therefore she has original Sin. Immaculate conception was the theory of Roman Catholic Church before second Vatican council.

By quoting isolated verses, religious fundamentalists established their doctrines. According to 1 Cor. 13:12, our knowledge is partial. Therefore ultimacy must reserve for eternity. There are many verses to show that God gives rain to just and unjust. He is the father of all humanity. Christ descent to Hades on Good Friday was to proclaim salvation for the departed ones. According to Karl Barth, finally hell will be emptied. Christ prayed for all the sinners and died for all and was rejected on behalf for all. Eternal fire in the New Testament is not eternal hell idea. When the second death is for devil and the purgatory is for the purification of those who repent. The origin of Satan was before creation.

'Let there be light' was the first creation. So when Christ comes again, the new heaven and new earth are without Satan. Therefore God is Love, who died on our behalf that all will be ultimately saved by grace either on earth or through the purgatory.

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