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The perfection of Jesus Christ in every age

by HG Mathews Mar Barnabas Metropolitan

Devotional Thoughts for the Second Sunday After Christmas

Gospel Reading: St. Luke 2:40-52 (Jesus at the Temple)

The perfection of Jesus Christ in every age

We find the perfection of Jesus Christ for His age at the age of twelve. This is a lesson for us to be perfect in every age.

Every Jew was expected to obey all the commandments of God and accordingly he had to attend the festival of Passover. Walking two daysí journey Jesus went from Nazareth to Jerusalem, along with His mother Mary and other relatives. After the festival, they all returned to Nazareth. But the child Jesus stayed on, as a result of His intimate piety. He was attracted by worship and the opportunity to learn in the temple. As Jesus was found missing, St. Mary had to go back to Jerusalem in search of Him. He gave the right answer why He continued in the temple. The temple was the house of God and it was His duty to be there. Are we the followers of Christ attracted by the worship and Bible study? To be perfect we have to follow the example of our Lord from early age.

Jesus Christ made the better choice to be in the temple of God. But when St. Mary His mother wanted Him to follow her to Nazareth, He simply obeyed without any argument. Do we obey our dear ones without any questions and arguments?

Jesus continued in a life of obedience to the heavenly Father all His life. He was obedient unto his death on a cross (Phil. 2:8). This obedience was just the opposite of the disobedience of Adam and Eve.

Let us abide in Jesus Christ and become as obedient as He was and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

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