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Easter Greetings

by: H G Yuhanon Mor Meletius

Once again Easter with its message of life and outliving has arrived. Resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our religion and it provides the whole creation with hope for future. Only if we understand the meaning and relevance of this foundation, we will be able to identify with resurrection and also make it an inspiration of our lives. As for our Lord, what made resurrection possible was his unselfish life style. Seeing the imminent suffering and humiliating death Jesus prayed, "Father, if possible, remove this cup". But if he had ended his prayer there, he would have never resurrected and it would have been the end of his history. But he liberated himself from that temptation and prayed "Father I commit myself into your hands". This prayer, for sure, lead him to resurrection.

On our part, the first lesson we learn from the resurrection of our Lord is, liberate oneself from all kinds of temptations and attractions and submit it before God for His mission. What is submitted to God can never die, but shall be gathered to eternity.

What is presented to God is what is submitted to the whole humanity and it lives eternally in the memory and lives of humans as a liberating inspiration. Only this selfless lifestyle can win over death and destruction. Humans outlive death and win over suffering only in cooperation with others. So the second lesson for us is that we need to be concerned of all around us who make our lives better in one way or other.

Unfortunately, the world today is filled with people who look for victory over others. Hence, sadly enough, the world gets filled with people who do not enjoy the fruit of resurrection. If one wants to be Jesus' disciple and enjoy life eternal, the only way is to submit the self for the cause of liberation of others and find satisfaction in service to others. This is the foundation of our lives and our outliving. I hope and pray every one in this world will derive the message of Easter and truly become the child of God who shall outlive all hurdles and limitations, including death, in their lives.

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