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by HG. Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios

Easter has changed the world! The small hours of the dawn of Easter talk about a world transformed, it is no more the same. Every feeling and experience that wells up in the human mind is given a new definition and expression - life and death no more remain the enigma they were. It is not actually a festival, but a new realization, a recreation of humanity after the mind of God. Love and willing sacrifice have won the day, selfishness and greed take the flight! From Jesus' bruises emanate fragrance; the lance- torn side is a well of hope that eternally satiates those who choose not to live unto themselves.

When God created this universe, it was writ large on the face of it that every element in it must serve every other. When this underlying principle was violated, there was confusion and disorder, and mutual mistrust. Easter beams with this very lesson newly observed and taught by the One who passed through death and the sepulcher. where selfishness raises its head , love meets with a natural death. Easter comes with the proclamation that the obedience and sacrifice of the One for the many has effected a reverse to the fast declining atmosphere of sacrificial love among the humans and in the wide world.

The real message of the Resurrection of the Son of God was slow to sink into the minds of even the first witnesses. To begin with, it effaced a personal bereavement, and reestablished genuine love. But the message was not far to seek. Love has defeated the dark forces of sin, selfishness, worldliness, immorality and sense of defeatism. It was real surprise to get back the one was cruelly murdered the other day. The ladies had gone to the tomb only to embalm the dead body. But they are met with the news of Resurrection and the incense of Myron from the sacred wounds! This very incident started transforming the mind set of thinking people every where. People were convinced that death is not the end of the road. So they could challenge even death, which could not keep the Son of God within its bounds.

Jesus went to the world of the dead and returned victorious, defeating death, sin and Satan; and he is ready to share this victory with every one who is really willing to accept it. Many people have wondered as to what actually prompted the tribe of martyrs to run to the stakes in a fearless manner. The answer in the magic of Resurrection. Today those who are participants in the Resurrection of Jesus are least scared of the pangs of death, because, there is the assurance of resurrection and eternal life.

The most significant part of the Easter realization is that no one lives unto himself. Only because Jesus gave his 'everything' for us that he was glorified, and we have a living hope in life. This has volumes to tell about our relationships with those around us and also those out there - who pitifully wait for the 'leftovers' of life, on the margins. The new life in Christ is one that is spent form the sake of others, just as Christ himself did.

The world "celebrates" Easter in modern times with merrymaking and revelry, with precious little of repentance and life transforming activities and missions. Like Christmas, people celebrate, and the business community also does the same, without knowing why they do what they do. The holy Week and Easter keep on telling everyone that pain and sacrifice, especially for others sake, is at the heart of genuine Christian experience and spirituality. The world never knows of anything creative or useful accomplished, without the sting of pain and disquiet, although they seem mutually exclusive.

The Victory that Our Lord has won for us is not with out a price paid - he paid with his life, making us, unworthy as we are, his own, by making us feast at the mysterious Table where his own body and blood are served for our Life!

The Easter morn mist has the color of tears, and the tender golden rays the day, the smile of innocence and unconditional love for all. We have no share in it, if we choose to turn our back on the eternal assurance of the friendship of the Son of God!

May the smile of tender love, readiness to serve and forgive fall on us this wonderful morn!

Let the whole world know, HE IS RISEN..........AND IS ALIVE!

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