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Martyrdom of St. Thomas

by Chev. Thomas Daniel

The Church commemorates the memory of St. Thomas on July 3rd. The date marks the transfer of the remains of the Apostle to Edessa. The Church in India also commemorates the Apostle on the New Sunday after Easter, on December 18th when the Apostle is believed to have been speared, and on December 21st when he attained martyrdom.

In the Gospel of John St. Thomas who is called 'Didymus' appears actively just before the account of the raising of the Lazurus from the dead. When the grieving sisters 'Martha & Maria sent a special messenger to Jesus who was in exile at 'Peria', Jesus said "Let us go back to Judea". All the other apostles dissuaded Jesus from this perilous journey but St. Thomas said "Let us go too,and be killed along with him."

The Bible has not passed down any information concerning the whereabouts, early life or the parents of St. Thomas and he is known as the leader of silent apostles. He seemed to remain almost alone and melancholic by nature among the 12 apostles.

Here is the sincere versus of a bold man who was determined to follow Jesus. That same commitment brought him from Judea to various places in India and to be a martyr for the millions of Indian sub- continent.

Again, at the last supper, when Jesus revealed that he is going to leave them, St. Thomas came out with his doubt "Lord, we do not know where Thou art going; how are we know the way there?" and Jesus answered lovingly for the whole mankind: "I am the way; I am the truth and Life; nobody can come to the Father except through me. Generations to come will be indebted to the doubting St.Thomas for this illuminating glance into the eternal life.

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There is little doubt that Apostle Thomas came to India and established a church in Malankara. There may be little physical evidence, but based in the corroborating evidence and traditions handed down, there is good acceptance of this fact.

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