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The Significance of Priesthood

by Kurilose Thirumeni

Jesus has made us priests and kings unto God, and even here upon earth we exercise the priesthood of consecrated living and hallowed service. In Joshua the high priest, we see a picture of each and every child of God, who has been made nigh by the blood of Christ, and has been taught to minister in holy things, and enter into that which is within the veil.

Every place is now God's temple, and His people can as truly serve Him in their daily employments as in His house. They are to be always "ministering," offering the spiritual sacrifice of prayer and praise, and presenting themselves a "living sacrifice." But notice where it is that Joshua stands to minister, it is before the angel of God. It is only through a mediator that we poor defiled ones can ever become priests unto God. I present what I have before the messenger, the angel of the covenant, the Lord Jesus; and through Him my prayers find acceptance wrapped up in His prayers; my praises become sweet as they are bound up with bundles of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia from Christ's own garden.

Our church has instituted priesthood as a full time profession owing to the fact that those called by God must be separated from the common activities of other men. It is that apostolic blessing on our heads which separates us to minister before God. As Jesus called his disciples, so we are called. Every time we break bread we pray for you. This is our duty. Likewise you also pray for us, for we are but frail men selected from amongst you.

May God Bless you in abundance.

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