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Devotional Thoughts for Palm Sunday

by Rev. Fr. M. K. Kuriakose

Hosanna! Hosanna!

The crowd shouted these words when our Lord was welcomed to the streets of Jerusalem. Already the news of His triumphant entry into the City of Jerusalem was spread among the people. Maybe the disciples and other followers spread this rumor because they heard our Lord saying to them about his final trip to the Capital City. What our Lord had in mind was unknown to the 12 disciples. Therefore, they thought that the 'Jerusalem trip' will be the most important trip for our Lord to establish the Kingdom that He was preaching all the past three and a half years. Some apostles even had a discussion on who will be the most powerful assistant (sitting on the left and right) to the King Jesus while His Kingdom was established.

At this time the people had no doubt that Jesus can pull off the victory in Jerusalem, the religious and administrative capital of Jewish community. All miracles, especially the most sensational one of feeding the multitude, had terrific impact on the people. Even though other miracles were more amazing like raising the dead etc. witnesses to such events were lesser in number. By feeding the multitude a mass hysteria was created. The people believed that when the Messiah is enthroned as the King in Jerusalem all their poverty would be eradicated. The materially minded disciples and the public accepted that our Lord will indeed become the true King with his throne in Jerusalem city. Therefore they shouted Hosanna! Hosanna! The King who comes in the name of our Lord to take over the Kingdom of King David!

1 Hosanna means 'Save us'. Indeed the people thought the Messiah will save them from all human afflictions. This tendency of the crowd to seek God or to go after famous people for temporal achievement is a challenge in our times too. Many follow God because they expect God to provide them with temporal happiness.

2. The Lord accepts the acclamation but he did not change his style. He took an ordinary colt for his ride to Jerusalem. He did not need a ride. He was young and was healthy to walk to Jerusalem but He wanted his disciples to learn that the donkey that is the symbol of hard work and humility should be the symbolic way of his triumphant entry.

3. The disciples failed to grasp the true intentions of the Lord to die for them in Jerusalem and thus He became the true King who even defeated death. This great mystery was only revealed after the resurrection. We live in a world where people fail to understand the value of suffering which can only bring peace and joy to the world. We not only ignore it but as well look for the most comfortable way to serve the Lord.

4. Children who joined the great reception are the most innocent participants in this joy. One should become child-like to accept the Lord as He is. They did not expect anything, neither position nor glamour. Is it possible today?

5. The triumphant entry of the Lord results in the purification of the temple that defiled by the business people of that time. Many had their livelihood through the business in the temple and surroundings. This is what our Lord would do if He comes into our situations, parishes and families. He will throw away all business mentality with which we conduct our church business.

6. True salvation that the people shouted for was given through our Lord's death and suffering. Indeed He saved them but His way was that of suffering and yielding, not attacking, killing, or destroying others.

Will this festival of Hosanna give these insights in our hearts during this Lenten season?

Happy Easter! The Lord is risen, indeed the Lord is risen!!

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