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Sermon / Homily on St. Matthew 1:1-17

Five Blossoms on The Lord's Family Tree

by Alan Carr

Scripture: Matthew 1:1-17


Some people may question my reading the Lord's genealogy during a Sunday church service. But, I am going to preach from these verses today. As I read this genealogy, did anything strike you as unusual? What we have here is a genealogy of the Lord Jesus beginning with Abraham and ending with Mary and Joseph. The purpose of this genealogy is to show that Jesus was Jewish in His ancestry. What is unusual is that there are five women named in this genealogy. According to Jewish history, women were never given a part in anyone's genealogy. But here on our Lord's family tree, there are five beautiful blossoms that deserve our attention today. For in these five women is seen the marvelous saving grace of God. Give me your attention today and lets look together at these Five Blossoms On The Lord's Family Tree.


A. V.3 Thamar - Gen. 38:1-30 - The incestuous daughter in law of Judah. Thamar was also a Canaanite, hence a Gentile. Two-strikes!

B. V.5 Rahab - Joshua 2:1-24 - Rahab was a Gentile, a Prostitute, and the member of a doomed race! Three-strikes!

C. V.5 Ruth - The Book that bears her name - Ruth was a Moabitess, a Gentile. She was the poor widow of an Israelite, she was moral and upright. She was of a faithful character and a kind spirit. She was also a believer in the God of Israel.

D. V.6 Bathsheba - 2 Sam. 11 - Bathsheba was the adulterous wife of a Gentile man named Uriah, 2 Sam. 11:3. She committed adultery on her husband while he was away at war, became pregnant as a result of the affair, and did not tell him what had happened. She was probably aware of her lover's plans to murder her husband to cover up the sin, and did nothing to stop it.

E. V.16 Mary - Luke 1:26-38 - Mary was a young, pure Israelite girl. She was evidently very religious and was willing to yield her life and her reputation to the hand of a God.

F. In this list of women, five are mentioned. Four were Gentiles, one a Jew. Three of these women were openly sinful, the other two practiced a religious lifestyle. These five came from five different nationalities. With all these differences, they all shared two things in common. 1.) They are mentioned as ancestors of Jesus. 2.) They were all sinners and in need of a Savior! Ill. Us, Rom. 3:23; 5:12! These are the blossoms, now let's notice:


A. At this point in the sermon, it may be hard to see how these women are blossoms. Some might even say they appear to be thorns. As we dig a little deeper into who they were, it becomes clear that there is a tremendous blessing here for every child of God, and for every sinner!

B. Their names is where the blessing lies for you and me. Because in the names of these 5 ancient women, who by the sheer grace of God, became the ancestors of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can see His love and grace on display.

1. Tamar - Palm tree - This refers to stability and life giving power! (Ill. An oasis in a burning desert.) Jesus stabilizes all of life. He gives purpose to the wayward soul. He is also the fountain of life. Men are dead apart from Him, Eph. 2:1, and are made alive when they believe on His name - Acts 16:31; 1 John 5:12! (Ill. Victory)

2. Rahab - Wide, Broad - (Ill. Not a sought after name among women folks!) It has reference to the love and the grace of God. God's love is broad, it extends to all men - Jer. 31:3; John 3:16. His grace is available to all men - Rom. 10:13! (Ill. Heb. 11:31 - Jesus can totally transform the sinner's life!)

3. Ruth - A Friend - If there was ever a friend to the sinner, it was and is Jesus! Matt. 11:19! His love for His friends was so deep that He was willing to demonstrate it by dying on a cross - John 15:13. (Ill. What He endured for His friends!)

4. Bathsheba - Daughter of Complete Satisfaction - (Ill. What daddy has ever looked at a daughter and been less than satisfied?) The soul's satisfaction is found in none other than the Lord Jesus Himself! Ill. Psa. 107:9. Jesus is rest and contentment for the sin weary soul! - Matt. 11:28!

5. Mary - Their Rebellion - What a contrast between her name and her attitude! It is our rebellion against God that is taking men to Hell! God wants one thing and our sinful flesh wants another. In Jesus, there is total reconciliation! He never lowers God's standards, He raises ours! He turns our rebellion into love and devotion to the will and way of God - 1 John 4:19!

C. In these five women is seen the complete portrait of our Lord's love and plan of salvation for fallen man. Allow me to pause and ask you this question: Have you received Jesus into your heart? Are you saved today? If not, I want to take the next few minutes and tie all of this together for you and tell you how you and receive what Jesus has to give.


A. All this that I have been preaching may not make any sense to you at all. You may say, "Preacher, I would have gotten more out of listening to an old cow bawling." If that is the case, then take just a moment and hear this. If you get nothing else, please get this.

B. Regardless of anything in your life that you perceive as a hindrance, Jesus can and will save you today! He is not concerned with:

1. Your Origin

2. Your Ancestry

3. Your Station In Life

4. Your Past Sins

5. Your Future Plans

6. Your Present State

He will turn no one away - John 6:37. If you will come to Jesus today, He will receive you and He will save you and He will give you eternal life and a home in Heaven someday!

C. The question is: Do you want to be saved? Do you want to miss Hell and go to Heaven? If so, then come to Jesus. Come to Him right now. You cannot be a part of His ancestry, but you can be a part of His lineage. All it takes is a step of faith on your part. (By the way, faith is what saved these women, and it is all that can save you, Eph. 2:8-9!)


Will you take that step of faith right now? Will you come to Jesus? He has come for you today, why don't you just come to Him?

Copyright 2003 by Alan Carr

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