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Devotional Thoughts for Sunday of Departed Souls

by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

Gospel Reading: St. Luke 12: 32- 48

In today’s reading we come across certain words that might make us think again and again. These are the exhortations of Lord Jesus our savior. First of all, there come our Lord’s consoling words ‘Fear not.’ (Verse 32) 2ndly we listen to sell what we have and distribute them as alms. Thirdly we have been asked to arrange savings in heaven. When we think of the Fear of God, fear is a pre-requisite to have a healthy relationship with our Lord God. So, all of us might say “Fear of God is a must in the life of a faithful, as the fear of God is supposed to be the beginning of wisdom.

The term ‘fear’ literally means dread, alarm, fright, horror and anxiety, in addition to the fear of God with awe feeling and submission. In the Holy Bible we find a lot of exhortations to fear God. (Psalms 2: 12, Serve the Lord with fear, Psalms 5: 7 In thy fear will I worship, Psalms 34: 11, I will teach you the fear of God, Proverbs 1: 7, Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom etc) Our Lord uses the term in the meaning of no need to anxiety about the inheritance of the Kingdom of God. In verse 32 of today’s reading we listen: “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Our Lord and His blessed forerunner’s first message to the world were: repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand. Now our Lord promises His listeners: Fear not, it is the will of God the Father to grand you the Kingdom of God. In our daily lives whenever we might have anxiety and frightening feelings, our Lord softly and gently consoles us: Fear not. How many of us could identify the soft and touching voice of our loving, caring Lord? We could listen if we might train up our own minds. When anxiety troubles us, we do not look at Him who often tells us ‘Fear not’. In Isaiah 43: 5 we receive a comfortable promise from our Lord God, ‘Fear not, I am with thee.’ Let us try to enjoy His presence and comfort at times of fear and anxieties in our lives. And at the same time let us try to convince ourselves to fear Him and obey Him wherever needed. Our forefathers had a great respect to the house of God, the Church. They never opened their mouths inside the Church for gossips or friendly talks. And how we do behave in the Churches when the Holy Sacraments are solemnized? Let us be serious in our behavior inside the church.

The second exhortation is to give alms. Many of us are doing the same in many ways. The rich and poor could give the alms. Whenever one might give alms, he or she should not think the given amount or the stuff, was his or her own. Whenever one might share from his or her holding, he or she must make up a mind that what is given as alms was entrusted to him or her by God Almighty. I was only a trustee of what was entrusted to me by my Lord and God. Our Lord meant to leave away the ownership right over the wealth or things given as alms. While selling we lose the ownership right. Our Lord never wanted us to sell what all are held by us. But He was so particular that each one of us must give the alms with happy hearts, feeling that what was given as alms belonged to God Almighty remembering His promise that what all we might do for the little, is done to Him. Let us give more and more alms for His greater glory. God would return in many folds to the one who might give alms with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Humanity as a whole, irrespective of nationality, caste, creed and color are interested during these days in accumulating personal wealth and savings in this world. We all are least bothered to have savings in heaven. Our Holy Church shows us and guides us through a worth and meaningful life style so that each and everyone who is loyal and sincere might inherit savings in heaven. The Holy Church advises us to have a systematic sacramental life, observing Lent and fasting, participating in alms giving and charity. Above all our Church enables and helps us to live in God allowing God to live in us. Such people could easily inherit savings in heaven easily. In order to have savings in heaven, we have to be free completely from selfishness. Let us avoid selfish desires, thoughts, deeds and words. As soon as we might be aloof from selfishness, our savings in heaven would grow slowly and steadily. In the modern world, most of us hold selfishness to a certain extent at least and long to abide with God. There is no fifty-fifty business in this matter. We must be completely free from selfishness. Then only we could have savings in heaven as per our Lord’s words in verse 33.

Let us adjust our own lives with the feeling and faith that we have been called for a spiritual life in Him and with Him. May God bless us all.

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