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Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Festival of the Cross, September 14

Saving Power of the Cross

by Pope Benedict XVI

The Cross of Our Lord embraces the World, his Way of the Cross goes across continents and times. We are all involved in this way. We don't have the possibility to be neutral in the Way of the Cross. Pilate sought the way to be neutral, to be far off, and it is exactly this way he took a position for conformism and against justice.

In the mirror of the Cross we have seen all the sufferings of today's humanity. But we have also seen stations of consolation. We have seen the Mother which goodness remains faithful on till death and beyond death. we have seen the bold women before her Lord without fear of proving her solidarity with the suffering.

In this way, we have been invited all along to find our own place, to find with these great persons the path with Jesus, the path of goodness, truth, courage and love.

We have understood the Way of the Cross as not only a collection of dark and sad events in the world, but rather as a path of mercy and mercy that puts an end to evil.

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