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Forgiveness, Confidence, and Other Spiritual Tools

by: Kevin Miller

What I learned at Spirit Quest camp?

There have been a lot of things I've learned throughout the 30 weeks of this amazing Spiritual Study program that it is difficult to know where to start. The first things that impressed me regarding the classes was that there now were a way to express what I had been experiencing. There was a means to put across these spiritual concepts to the people I know who wished to recognize what I have been starting to learn and the things I was undertaking. The problem was that I could not think up the words, mental image pictures, and ideas that were coming between us. The contrasts contained in Soul Ages may very well clarify the reason it is so difficult for me to make clear certain things to certain folks. It truly is hard to help a child understand that which you know as a grown up. The child does not possess the words or experience to recognize situations in the same way. It is extremely hard to get a young person to fully grasp being one with the universe when they are really still trying to fully grasp that they're a separate individual. Dreaming of things like this has made me exercise a lot more patience as well as understanding when trying to explain things to others.

The second discourse that made an impact was the one on releasing the anger - Forgiveness. I am not able to change what others have done to me. I am not able to make anyone apologize for causing pain or wrongs I felt. I can keep them from allowing them to sink their talons into me. For most part, it's within my control what energy I let to affect me. You can find strategies you can use to clear out the energy away from me and I have discovered that it really is up to me to do this on a routine basis. The best way to continue to be healthy was to take care of oneself.

An example from my own life of this about a cousin we have who, before the class, I could not even be told her name before becoming really upset. By releasing the angry power I was using towards her as well as letting go of the hooks I had permitted which allowed her entrance to my space, I have arrived to at a place of peace whenever I happen to hear about her. I was even able to have a pleasant conversation with her the last time I spent time at my grandparent's. I still find a whole lot of buttons about her that bug me, but with no the angry energy there I will recognize that the majority of what bugs me was just the errors a young soul makes as they are attempting to grow up. Not every adult you come across is grown up. Some individuals take longer than other people to get there. All we will do is present to you aid along with help them discover the rest is up to those things.

The 3rd issue was the idea of using the grounding cord on places as well as inanimate things. I knew I could remove foreign power from men and women as well as things but until eventually the lessons I hadn't ever thought of working with a grounding cord on meeting rooms or buildings or the ground, in general. I a job with a group of folks that have a great deal of alpha personality types. Because I began connecting the grounding cords on the meeting rooms prior to the meetings, we've been able to conduct much more productive meetings along with have the issues taken care of without it becoming a pissing contest.

A final issue to add is that others have noticed a difference in me. My mom has noticed that I seem more calm and seem to have gotten a lot more self-contained. She said that I am a lot more confident. My immediate boss along with people I work with have noticed a difference also, but they think it's because I am losing weight and now look and, therefore, feel more confident. It is helpful to know that you can find others in your community that think that each religion has a valid point as well as that we don't have to be in agreement on everything to support each other.

About The Author

Kevin is a student of psychology and spiritual studies.

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