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He gave life to purchase freedom to everyone

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today’s bible verse

“He gave life to purchase freedom to everyone” (1 Timothy 2:14)

The greatest love to a friend is die for them. Jesus did it for you and for me on cross. We are free from sin and the fear of sin and it’s influence. So no need we have to live in the feeling of guilty. We have to live as a free man. Because Jesus the great redeemer is with us. He mediates always for us not to come in to the clutches of
the evil. Once Jesus gives freedom then no one can squander it.

Jesus guards us from the difficulties and dangers ahead of our life. So as a free man we have to live today.

Anu, a physiotherapist from Kothamangalam, came to New York after pawning all his property. . But the Visa was fake and he was arrested and put in jail, deserving minimum 10 year in the jail. Rev. Joy John of New Jersey came to know about this matter. He wanted to take risk and help. Forth and back he ran and engaged the best senior lawyer. At the trial time, the judge and the public prosecutor plainly told Anu that he doesn’t deserve freedom. As a last attempt, Fr. Joy stood up in the court with the folded hand with tears and pleaded and explained how Anu was cheated by the agent. The Judge, the police, and the court was moved by this scene. At last, the judge believed the words of Fr. Joy and freed Anu unconditionally. One of the first in the history of American jury system. Good to emulate.


Lord, we come to you as our redeemer. Clear all dangers on our way. Protect us today from evil design of the dark forces. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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