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Healing Touch

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man, Iím willing," he said, "Be clean" and immediately he was healed." (Mathew 8:3)


When we touch the heart in whatever we do, the results are guaranteed. Isnít it?

Touch therapy is a wing of modern medical science (alternative medicine). The result depends upon the sincerity of its application. The touch with love and compassion always has the electrifying power to work even on the most hard hearted individuals. Chronic diseases seems to be gone cases. It also said to ease the bleakest, darkest and hopeless situations.

We are connected to each other by our touches. In words, thought, and deeds, we can touch the heart of any individual. Whatever we do should be heart-touching. This is widely and judiciously in application and reaping huge benefits by Mata Amrithanadamay in Kerala, India, also known by the nick name, ĎHugging womaní.

The Christians had a past history of the kiss of peace whenever they met each other. Even today, during the Holy Mass of Syrian churches, there is a special time to pass the kiss of peace in the form of hand touch (Kaikasthuri). All living creatures need the loving touch of others. "Some people brought their children to Jesus that he could bless them by placing his hands on them. Then Jesus took the children in his arms and blessed them by placing his hand s on them" (Mark 10:10,16).

Rick Warren writes, 'I recently got this note on a registration card: "Pastor Rick, I canít tell you what it means to me when you put your arm around me in comfort today. I felt as though Jesus was hugging me in such compassion and tenderness. I now know I will make it through this scary time, and I know he sent you to help me. Itís wonderful that there's such caring and love in this church. Thank you." I had no idea when I hugged her that she was going in for her breast cancer surgery the next day.'

"After the sun had set, people with all kinds of diseases were brought to Jesus. he put his hands on each one of them and healed them" ( Luke 4:40). We should start this loving touch within our family, church, and should be extended to all, including the plant and animal kingdoms.


Jesus, we are longing for your loving and healing touch. Let your loving touch reach out to the lonely people who are starving for affection. There are people in utter darkness without human love and and contact Ė please connect and touch with your people. Let us touch you. Let us see your unforeseen hand of love always around us. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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