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by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Bothers and sisters, do not complain against each other or you will be judged guilty." (James 5:6)


"Complaining is not only hideously boring, but worse- it only increases the pain."- Peter Megargee Brown.

We are chatting away about whatever is bothering us as we commiserate with someone else's problems. Scandalizing is a negative habit of attitude and mind of an individual. Nobody wants to be dragged down by people who complain. Complaining causes anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. Counter complaining magnifies the power of the negative event. If we have the problem, without complaining, look at the situation and try to find a solution. Only dissatisfied minds complain. So it is better to focus on all that is good instead of looking through the magnifying glass of all that is bad. Never complain to some one about his/ her behavior. A friend of excellence, of great character, will not complain. We can be grateful for all the good in our life. We can train our mind to accept what we have no power to change. We can send our loving energy to all those who have a great deal to complain about but struggling to focus on the good.

Since 1985 I have known John as an upright traffic controller never compromising in his duties. I have never seen him overtly or covertly complain about anyone and about anything. When I looked back, he has gone through innumerable tragedies and problems in his life and he had all the reasons to complain about them. But he has not. He has partially lost his hearing, lost his newly wedded son in an accident, a rift with the family of his youngest son, etc. When someone comments about him for anything, he used to raise his hands to heaven and say, "God you know everything." He never curses; but blesses.

Shiraz tells about himself, 'One night I was keeping vigil with my father. Others in the room began to slumber and soon everyone was fast asleep. So I said to my father, "None of these sleepers open their eyes or raise the head to say the prayers. You would think they were dead." My father replied, "My beloved son, I would rather you too were sleeping like them than slandering."'


Jesus, let us content with what we have. Please forgive those who have scandalized and criticized our way of life. Protect and insulate our tender mind, soul, and body from the onslaught and dart of the Satan and his angels from killing us with complaints. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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