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Standing Together

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Any fellowship together in spirit?... Working together with one mind and purpose." (Philippians 2:1,2)


Do you like to reap the fruits of togetherness?

United we stand, divided we fall. Unity is the hallmark of Christianity. Nobody can stop the united saga of any venture in the material and spiritual world. Selfishness can ruin all our works. When we work together, caring for others' problems as if they were our problems, we demonstrate Christís example of putting others first, and we experience unity. Donít be concerned about making a good impression or meeting our needs at the cost of straining our relationship with God.

In the bitter cold winter, a father and his 6 year old daughter went to Rogers Centre in Toronto to collect tickets for a childrenís program. It was half a KM walk from the main subway to the center. The daughter had not brought her gloves. Half way through the walk, she couldnít bear the cold and her dad was helpless in that situation. So she suggested to her dad, "Dad, why don't we share your gloves, left hand glove for me and right hand glove for you and we could hold our hands together, my right hand in your left hand." They did it and they reached their destination in comfort.

Try the practical common sense of success of togetherness in all walks of life.


Jesus, let the people understand the fruits of togetherness. Let the force of disunity be defeated always. We pray for the families and Churches facing the problem of disunity. Save them from destruction. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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