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Respect for Seniors

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Grey hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life." (Proverb 16:31)


Do you cherish a respectable senior's life?

'Ageless beauty' is a God-given gift to those who are ready to live in the wisdom of God. Beauty is embedded in the soul of human beings. Ageing is a natural process. We have to welcome it as it comes and it should be respected and honored by generations. No wrinkles can be allowed to belittle the wisdom of old age. The greased beauty is skin deep that the world adores and respects, but that is hopeless, soul-less, suicidal and futureless. Experience and wisdom cannot match youth and technology. Use the brain, heart, mind and body to serve and lead others till the spirit is called by the creator. After death, donate your organs so that you live beyond death. Live a life of respect and love. Old age will not become a burden but a crown of glory. Actually long life is a sign of God's blessing. While young people glory in their strength, old people can rejoice in their years of experience and practical wisdom. Grey hair is a crown of splendour. When we deal with older people, treat them with respect.

Hazel McCallion, 90 years old, is a living legend. In 2010, she returned to office for a 12th consecutive term as the Mayor of Mississauga, the 6th largest city in Canada. There is no space in her face without a wrinkle, but she is called 'Hurricane Hazel'. She says about her energy and youthfulness, "Having a life filled with purpose and meaning and living in life in a Christian-like manner helps to motivate me and keep me energized." She also revealed that she does everything around the house herself. "I do my own cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening….. the assumption is that people in position have others doing all things for them, but I like to be self-sufficient. House work and gardening are great forms of exercise and keeps one humble."

Despise the culture of despising the aged. In all walks of life, we should give due respect to age, love and honor. As we grow, we should grow in wisdom and understanding. Learn to be self-sufficient.


Jesus, give us a healthy respectable span of life. Don’t make the elderly people to think that they are abandoned, unloved, and unheard. We pray for all the seniors who are in sick and in distress. Let our homes, offices, churches and other places be a place for respecting the aged. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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