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Love and Marriage

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"It is not good for the man to be alone. I need to make a suitable partner for him."
(Genesis 2:18)


Do you believe marriage is universal and it's the natural progression of intimacy?

God's creative work was not complete until he made woman. In marriage, man and woman symbolically are united into one. This is a mystical union of the couple's hearts and lives. The goal in marriage should be more than friendship; it should be oneness. The desire for intimacy is deep in everyone. So it should not be deprived of anybody, even to the special needs. Love is not cool, it's always warm and with affection and action. Love is one true and abiding joy of life, the essence of life itself is to love. Love is God, so let us love with words, and with tender feelings. It is our duty and God's command to love. It should culminate in marriage. The full blossoming of love can be seen only in marriage. Sex and children are not the end result of love, but the by-products and a choice.

Reuven and Shulamit, both aged 30+, are a happily married down-syndrome couple. Let us hear from them -
"Are you familiar with 'joy of life'? Well, before I was married, I always felt it. But from the moment I was told I'm engaged, my joy of life exploded, burst out, engulfed me. It's real now. It's truly opened up for me," says Shulamit, the wife.
"I agree with her in what she says," says Reuven, the husband.

Both are working full time job in photocopying and recycling. It is harmony that many non-disabled couples spend years in therapy to master.

Shulamit has tips for troubled couples, "It's not worth arguing about every little things. You can't always argue. We resolve any problem by speaking. We argue and argue, we talk and then we make up," Rueven says. For the photo session, after the first few poses standing stiffly side by side, they moved to the sofa. There they entwined their hands, lay them in Reuven's lap, and smiled. Their message of love is loud and clear.

Special needs population should have equal rights as the able-bodied, they call for special love, respect and compassion from the society and - at large - the parents in work, study and marriage.

Shulamit says, "The normal girls would accept children like me. Basically, that was the essential thing."

If you come across any special needs people or you have anybody in your house, see that they are not deprived of their rights, especially love.


Jesus, let love blossom everywhere. Let the special needs people be loved and be respected with compassion. May those who are working and parenting them be strengthened and be helped. Let all troubled marriages be corrected with love. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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