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by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"The word became a human being and lived here with us." (John 1:14)


What is Valentine's Day?

Communication is the channel to know each other. The greatest communication ever had on earth was the appearance of God in human form that had taken place when God took the human form in Jesus. His death is the greatest present that humanity has ever had. Following the footsteps of Jesus, millions have been getting martyrdom at Jesus' altar of love. One among them was St. Valentine who got martyrdom about 269 A.D. He was a priest in Rome and was buried on the Via Flaminia. There are no romantic elements present in the original early medieval biographies of saints. Before his death, he is reported to have done a miracle by healing the blind daughter of his jailor. His annual commemoration day is known as Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s day. This day is celebrated to show love and affection between intimate companions and people exchange gifts. Without effective communication of love, Christians have no life; so, for us, everyday is like Valentine's Day.

Ms Philip, author of 'Call me Irresistible' reflects on her 39 years of married life to her husband, Bill. According to her, the best valentine’s gift her husband could give her, “It’s not wine, flowers or walks on the beach. It’s communication, when you get a sense of how much you love each other,” she says. It’s also the key to recognize kindness. “Every time my husband puts gas in my car, I thank of him because I hate putting gas in my car.” And she is happy whenever he thanks her for making dinner, even though she’s made it for him 10,000 times. She say it’s not good enough to say, "well, you know how I feel", you need to say how you actually feel. She says that they have different styles of communication, Bill thinks through things before he speaks; she broadcasts until she figures out what she means.

"Reckless words pierce like sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing" (Proverbs 12:18).


Jesus, don’t cut your spirit of communication with us. Please remove any obstacle that comes in our way of communication with You. Let your spirit of love be communicated to our fellow beings through our genuine words and deeds. Give husbands and wives the heart and mind to love each other. Let them communicate and understand each other well. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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