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Hard Work

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Those unwilling to work will not get to eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10)


Do you eat from the fruit of your sweat?

Man on earth has to work for his food. "By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat" (Genesis 3:19). Physical labour is the dignified job for each person on earth. Most of the sickness of the modern days are associated with lack of physical exercise. At least 45 minutes of physical labour is a must for keeping the human body in good form and health. Arm chair jobs are not designed by God. Laziness can never be tolerated by the Creator. Jesus was called a carpenter - he really was one. St. Paul did his missionary work by working as a tent maker. "Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tent makers just us he was" (Acts 18:3). 'We never accepted food from anyone without paying for it. We worked hard day and night so we would not be a burden to any of you' (2 Thessalonians 3:8). It is better and Godly to have at least a kitchen garden for each family and do half an hour labour, and associate with nature. Poverty of any kind is the end result of no work. 'He who works his land will have abundant food' (Proverbs 28:19). Be proud and don't shy away from physical labour....Respect the physical labourers.

John Boehner, the speaker holding the third highest position in the US government, used to clean floors, wash windows and sort the bottles when he was 10 to 11 years old. He is one of 12 children from a religious family. He grew up in a five bed room - one bathroom home. He worked odd jobs, including as a bartender, roofer and a janitor before attending Xavier college in Ohio. According to him, his parents instilled in him the beauty of hard work and frugality. His brother says, "If we needed a dollar for gas, our Dad didn't give to us. We had to work and earn it." Boehner is proud of his family and the work culture he has inherited.

Make a pledge: "I will eat only from the sweat of my work and won't be a parasite. I will steer clear of laziness in any area of life and will always respect the labourer."


Jesus, let us go back to the basics of life - to work and eat. Give jobs for those who are willing and searching for it. Please remove any laziness within us. Let the disabled and challenged be fed by sharing the fruit of the able-bodied. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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