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Loneliness and Depression

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"My God sent his angel to shut the lions mouths so that they wouldn’t hurt me.” (Daniel 6:21)


Loneliness? Find solace in God.

Loneliness is more fearsome and unbearable, especially after the death of a loved one. No gestures or words of condolences can fill the gap of separation except the unforeseen hands of God. It is hard to see the protective arms of God when one is drowned in sorrows. Most often our faith is shaken,, life is challenged and God is questioned, and our world becomes darkened at this type of crisis and we feel that we are alone and forsaken by God and our dear ones. We are always in the arms of our Creator.

Psalm 91:9 - ”The Lord is your protection; you have made God, the Most High, your place of safety.”

Life is beyond death. The love of God never permits you to be alone and wander in the wilderness.

Psalm 23:4 - ”Even if I walk through the valley of death, I will not be afraid because you are with me. Your rod and your staff comfort me”.

Due to brain haemorrhage, Joy had lost his wife leaving him with two children. The first six months passed by without any major shocks and loneliness due to the loving support and consolation of friends and relatives. It was then that the feeling of loneliness descended on him. The pious regular church-goer and active participant slowed down on his activities. He was more or less on the verge of depression. One day as he was reading and meditating the life of Daniel in the Bible, he asked God why the upright warrior, Daniel, was thrown into the den of lions. Then suddenly in his contemplation, the spark of heavenly revelation of God’s hand dawned on his dark lonely soul. Daniel was actually not thrown but descended into the den of lions by God's loving hands. And Daniel was in the arms of God amidst the roaring hungry lions. In the same way, Joy felt he was in the protective arms of Jesus. That day onwards, a new perception of life dawned on him to dedicate his life for the services of God and his fellow beings. He now volunteers in a rehabilitation centre.

Are you going through loneliness and depression? Remember you are not alone but under the protective arms of loving Jesus.


Jesus, we pray for all those who are lonely and depressed due to separation of their beloved ones. Let them see your protective, supporting arms and feel better. Jesus, save us from soul inflicting doubts and fears of life. Let Joy find more strength and happiness to serve you better. Let his children be guided and mothered by your love, presence and guidance. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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