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Raising Voice Against Exploitation

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Cry loudly, do not hold back- Raise your voice like a trumpet, and declare my people their transgression." (Isaiah 58:1)


Are we destined to suffer under sexual abuse and exploitation? or to fight back till we get justice?

Human Sex is a special gift of God for the procreation and the existence of humanity. That should be done only within the sacramental marriage with the mutual love and consent of wife and husband. All other types of sex and sexual activities are sin and abominable in front of God and humanity. We are the children of Jesus with the spirit who says, ”But I tell you that if anyone looks at a woman and wants to sin sexually with her, in his mind he has already done that sin with that woman.” (Mathew 5:28) But this holy gift of sex is abused and exploited wantonly and nakedly and even glorified and sold in the open market. The victims have no god fathers and god mothers to cry for and stay for and most often they suffer silently as it’s their fate.

Actually we are not destined to live like that. Many keep quiet fearing the society and the dirtiness of the rich and powerful. If we are silent then the perpetrators will be strengthened and this heinous crime will be glorified and we will be driven into the world of silence. And this sin will be flowed in this beautiful earth as honey and milk. Any type of sexual abuses at any time, place, circumstance and person should be zero tolerant. That should be exposed and punished and justice should be done irrespective of who is the perpetrator. “For Zion sake I will not keep silent.” (Isaiah 62:1) Jesus is ready to safeguard you from the sexual cannibals.

One of the sexual victims of Dominique Straus Kahn [who was the chief of IMF. He had tried to rape and wanted sex with the hotel maid, 37 years single mother with 15 years old daughter from Guiana. She has resisted it and voiced and complained to the New York City police. Then the culprit, Strauss Kahn was hand cuffed, paraded, and clamped in to the Ricker’s jail - the most notorious in US.] says, “When I see that a little chamber maid is capable of taking on Dominique Strauss Khan, I tell myself I do not have the right to stay silent.”

“For God did not give you in a spirit of timidity (cowardice of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but of power.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


Jesus, Wipe away all our sins of sex. Save us from all the sexual predators. We pray for all the sexual victims especially the children and the women in the war zones like Ivory Coasts. Let us have the guts to resist all types of sexual advances. Let justice prevail every where. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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