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by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Please help me, Lord! All who were faithful and all who were loyal have disappeared."
(Psalm 12:1)


Can you trust and believe everybody?

A friend or family member who can be trusted is the best medicine for all problems of humanity. Now we are in the whirlpool of unfaithfulness in all realms of the world starting from the husband and wife. "People are consistently untrustworthy in all aspects of life and dependability in anything is hard to find" (Hosea 4:2). It is a big question now as to whom we can trust and whom we can depend and believe? A generation of unfaithful and disloyal!

It's here that comes in the faith and trust in God. He is worthy to be believed and trustworthy. We can take him at his word, and believe him with 100% certainty. We can count on Him to be there for you, even at your lowest moment. David says from his life experience, "But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation" (Psalm 13:5).

Living for God in a deceitful world can be difficult and lonely. At one time, the great prophet Elijah felt so lonely he wanted to die. But God told him that there were 7000 other faithful servants (1 Kings 19:4,14,18). We are never alone, seek out other believers for strength and support.

St. Jacob's village is a 159 years old Mennonite colony of 1400 people in waterloo, Ontario, Canada, an hour's drive from the city of Toronto. It is the heart of old order Mennonite country. Itís surrounded by patchwork of fields and farms. As you wander on Highway 401 and byways, watch for "slow moving vehicle" signs because you are sharing roads with old order Mennonite horse-drawn buggies and wagons. Hand written signs advertising a variety of things for sale from maple syrup, potatoes, brown eggs to quilts and crafts will be seen at the end of farm lanes. Road side stands with produce and flowers will be unattended. St. Jacob's village community even in the year 2011 TRUST customers to leave money in the plastic containers provided, to pay for the things they buy! Buyers dare not cheat!

Let us be trustworthy in our daily lives and dealings. Let it start from husbands and wives and it will automatically transmit to the offspring. Religious leaders, go back to Jesus and learn from him the first letters of loyalty and trustfulness. Trust even if you know they are not trustworthy just like Jesus did with Judas Iscariot.


Jesus, save us, Lord, from this generation of unfaithfulness and deceit. How can we survive in this world of deceitfulness? Let our cry reach your abode and answer us. Let us have the inner eye to know and recognize the faithful. Let all the trustworthy join together and have good fellowship. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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