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Love Heals

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"I belong to my lover, and my lover belongs to me.” (Song of Solomon 6:3)


Love Heals!

In an Instant- A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing.

A family of love with faithfulness heals literally and spiritually all the pains, hurts and sickness. Love is the cord that knitting the family together. Love always have the constant communication to the hearts and minds of the members of the family where ever they are even if they are separated in space and time and in sickness and coma. “And over all those virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” (Colossian 3:14)

Love is the best doctor and the best medicine for any sicknesses and sins. “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over multitude of sin.” (1 Peter 4:8) The love of a lover to the beloved is an allegory of Jesus’ love of all the human beings. If I say the root cause of all the illness is no love that won’t be an exaggeration but sheer truth but truth, truth only. Always remember the love of Jesus that is filled in the atmosphere of spirit as an oxygen to those who breath it in all their suffocations of life..

Bob woodruff, an award winning TV Journalist, was severely injured on January 29, 2006 while reporting in Iraq. Here are quotes from Lee, Bob's wife, and from Bob after 17 years of marriage about inspirational recovery and in foundation about the book they wrote about the experience of dealing in the crisis that hit their family and healing from traumatic brain injury.

BOB: “ When I awoke and saw her face I loved her even more than before I had not thought of possible.”

LEE: she asked Bob’s neuro surgeon “I just want to know, will he still love me.”
LEE: when Bob awoke after nearly 5 weeks of being in coma. “I walked into his room, and I parted the curtains and Bob was sitting up in bed and he found to me and he just said, ”SWEETIE.”

BOB: asked how he had changed internally. “Well, I think. I’ve got a lot more love for my family, my kids(4), no question about it.”
BOB: when asked what his lowest moment was during his recovery. “ I think waking up and the moment when I first saw my wife for all that time and seeing my children and realising what I had done to my family. That I blamed my self for I put them through because I saw the kind of pain they went through all these days.”
LEE and BOB: “ And there are no perfect spouse either, just those who love each other enough to stand by “ for better or worst.” Don’t be fooled; that kind of endurance is perhaps the greatest expression of love.” They say, “ stay by one another in sickness and health.”

“Keep on love each other.” (Hebrew 13:1)


Jesus, let us love each other as you have loved us. Let us faithful in our love in the family. We pray for all the families who are in thirst for a droplet of love– husbands ,wives and children. Let love heals the hurt , pain and sickness in our homes, bodies, and society. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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