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Sharing and Caring

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." (Romans 12:15)


Do you feel let down by your loved ones when you need them the most?

We always long to be in the presence of our loved ones. Togetherness in love expels the fear of life - in sickness, loneliness, and death. Loneliness is the greatest tragedy faced by today's hectic globalized modern society. We neither find time to share our joys nor make time to listen to others' sorrows resulting in a lot of people trying to cope up with the reality of staying alone. We are even reluctant and afraid to reveal our fears and tears to others. Humanity or the human touch is vanishing very fast from our life. In the pursuit of happiness, we have actually lost happiness by detaching the attachment that we need to have with our fellow beings. According to the Bible, "Pure and undefiled religion before God is to visit orphans and widows in their troubles." So, we should somehow find time for loved ones and others to make our lives meaningful.

A man had been injured and disfigured while trying to save his parents from a fire. Unfortunately, he could not save them and he interpreted this as God's punishment. The man wouldn't let anyone see him, not even his wife. She (the wife) went for help to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon who told her not to worry. "I can restore his face." But she told him, "I want you to disfigure my face so I can be like him." Dr. Maltz was shocked. He denied her request but was so moved by this woman's love that he went to speak with her husband. Knocking on the man's bedroom door, he called loudly, "I'm a plastic surgeon, and I want you to know that I can restore your face." But he didn't respond. Still speaking through the door, Dr. Maltz told the man of his wife's proposal, "She wants me to disfigure her face like yours in the hope that you will let her back into your life. That's how much she loves you." After a brief moment of silence, slowly, the door knob began to turn. The man had regained his sense and normalcy.

Jesus loves to be with the ones He loves. So God, our Lord, took a human form to be with us forever. So, we should share everything and take care of our fellow human beings without any excuses or expectation of any return...the resultant feeling of joy is heavenly and unexplainable, and definitely needs to be experienced.


 Jesus, you are always with those who are in need. Help us to share the sorrows, tears and happiness with each other. Let no one feel he/she is alone. Let us search and find the needy and their needs, and be a savior to them. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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