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Praying for the Sick

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"And the prayer offered in faith will heal the sick and the Lord will make you well." (James 5:15)


What can you do to help heal the sick?

Prayer is a part of God's healing process. By the power of God, all types of healings take place. Jesus says, "I am the Lord who heals you." (Exodus 15:26) The faith of people's prayers will heal the sick. All our prayers are subject to God's will. If anyone is sick, it is the duty of the members of the Church to support and pray for that person.

The Church should be sensitive to the needs of all its members. The earnest prayer of the Church and its members, significantly affects the outcome of an illness. Prayer changes things, so pray with confidence for the sick. The prayers of believers are answered even as they are praying. Everything is possible for Jesus.

Doctors and medicines are the gifts of God's healing process. So, taking the sick to the hospital with confidence that God will take care, is part of the prayer itself. Nursing the sick is God's will, and a way to inherit the kingdom of God. Treatment starts from the soul, then goes on to induct the spirit and the body, and heals the sick. In the name of indifference or a busy schedule, not praying for the sick, is inexcusable. Sickness can come to anybody. We need prayers and support for the healings.

Here is the story of a woman who was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer who was healed by the people's effort of collective prayer. In March 1999, Sarah was already at Stage Four, very advanced and is very bad and terminal from medical point of view. The faithful friends in her church decided that a "Healing of Hands" was a perfect gift for her. They filled the church hall with many of her friends, family and relatives, for prayer and prayed earnestly.

In January 2000, the doctors did an exploratory surgery to determine the condition of her ovaries and to find out how far the cancer had spread. To their amazement, all of the cancer had gone. There was no sign of cancer anywhere. This was truly a miracle! Is prayer that powerful?

Prayer is energy, spiritual energy. With God, all things are possible. Just what does that leave out? Don't stand on the side of the pool with doubts, simply jump into the water, and do the swim of prayer.

When we pray for the sick, we lose nothing, but only help heal them.


Jesus, you are our God and healer. We come to you with our prayers for the sick. They need your presence, comfort and healings. With one heart, one mind, and in one faith, we pray for the sick. We are anxious and need your help to heal the pain of our dear ones. Please bring us out of this dire situation. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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