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God Gives What You Need

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"The lame man looked at them eagerly, expecting some money. But Peter said, "I donít have any silver or gold for you. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk. He stood up, and began to walk." (Acts 3:5-6, 8)


God provides all our needs. He cares for us. God promises that, "Ask and you will get it. Seek, you find it. Knock, the door will open."

God gives according to our needs, not according to our wants. The lame man asked for money. But in the name of Jesus, Peter gave him his legs to use. We often ask God to solve a small problem, but he wants to give us a whole new life and help for all our problems. He may say, ďIíve got something even better for you.Ē You may ask God for what you want, but donít be surprised when he gives you what you really need.

In 1981 I went for an interview for a lecturer position in economics in Mar Athanasius college of science and arts at Kothamanglam. I had had very high recommendations. I badly wanted the job at that time. But I didnít get it. I was very upset and worried. I thought God closed His eyes in front of my needs. But in 1982, late H.G. Mar Osthathiose Thomas guided me to Chennai for further studies and a job. There God gave me an opportunity to study further and worked as an economics teacher with more salary and perks. Later God called me to priesthood and appointed me to serve as the vicar of St Thomas Jacobite Syrian orthodox Church, Annanagar, Chennai. There, I got the privilege to associate with St. Thomas Charitable trust and all its activities from its inception. May God bless those who are associated with the church and the mission. That later led to the start the new diocese of Mylapore, where St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus, got martyrdom. When I look back, I wonder, how great our God is? And His plan, care and protection!

Jesus takes care of your life from the beginning to the end. Always depend on him.


Thank you Jesus, for your care and protection. You know our needs today. What ever we get today is your gift. You are the author of life. Like the lame man who got his legs back to stand, we need your help to solve all our problems. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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