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Staying Focused on the Target

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ our lord." (Romans 8:39)


How to save us from the distractive elements?

We live in a world of temptations. The temptations prevent us from reaching the goals. We make decisions on goals to attain; then work and concentrate to accomplish them. We want to study well, to live a pure life, not to tell lies, not to get angry with the children, pray every day and not frown with others, etc. But most of the times we miserably fail and get frustrated. We could not run away from the world of distractions, like Mennonite Christian community who live in seclusion in the places like Kitchener in Canada or Pennsylvania in USA. We could not say we will live a sinless life if there is no temptations. Just like the fish who lives in the water, we live in the midst of distractive temptations in this world. How do we get ahead in such tempting and distracting world? Remember the following:

1 Do not forget the aim, where ever you are.
2 Commit to the goal.
3 Concentrate on the work you do
4 Trust Jesus.
5 Be assured that you can reach the target. Have no doubt.

Andre Sougarret was the hero and the leader of the rescue operation of the Chilean mine San Jose 2010. No one knew if the miners were alive. The pressure was on to reach them promptly. He knew he would be blamed if the men were found dead. He told the Associated Press how he assembled a team of experts and methodically worked the problem that would become the biggest challenge of his life. He stayed cool headed under pressure, he tried not to dwell too much on the men he was trying to save. He said, "I never allowed myself to think about what was happening with them - that’s anxiety-causing.” “Instead, I told myself ‘My objective is to create an access, a connection. Put that in your head.’ Why they were there and what happened, that’s not my responsibility. My responsibility is to get them out of the mine.” At last all 33 miners were miraculously saved from the mine after 69 days of ordeal. His single minded concentration and work to save the miners got the result with the blessings of God.


Our Lord and God, we are distracted by innumerable temptations, both outwardly and inwardly. We want to reach our goals and aspirations in you. We know, you are the fulfiller of our aims. Please remove all distractive elements in our life. Help us to concentrate on our work, and to reach the target you put in front of us. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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