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Comfort at time of need

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"The sovereign lord will wipe away the tears from all faces, he will remove disgrace of his people from all the earth. The lord has spoken." (Isaiah 25:8)


How can we be comforted in the time of our hurts, and sorrows?

We live in the world of death, sorrows, and hurts. No one can live alone. Every one is in needs of close, loving well-knit community for comfort and solace. The enlightened people of God - should provide that.

Christian community have a very long tradition of volunteering and service and the burden is up on them. Can they do it?

In this world of super speed, no time (hurried and busy life style), seeking all personal luxury, etc. we have no time to worry about or feel sensitive to the pains and sorrows of others. This, unfortunately, is the way humans make their own graves.

When faced with untold miseries and tears, what did Jesus do? We see two sides of Jesus here - human form and divine form. When Jesus saw the weeping and wailing of the friends and sisters of Lazar, He too wept openly (with them). He cares about us to weep with with us in our sorrows. In his human form, Jesus was a man with emotions and active involvement in the needs of people. We see here Jesus’ emotions - compassion, indignation, sorrow even frustration. Then Jesus told, "I am the resurrection and life." Then he did what only God can do - he raised Lazar from the tomb and comforted the family and friends of Lazar.

Jessica Lloyd (27 year old) and Marie France Comeau (37 year old) were horrifically killed by Col. Russell Williams -a very high ranking military officer in Canada. Within 8 months the trial was over and the final verdict came. He was sent to jail forever without possibility of parole. The police investigated the case without any loopholes. The community was behind them.

Before the death, Jessica pleaded to the killer,’ If I die, will you make sure to let my mom, that I love her”. Marie cried,” Have a heart, please, I have been really good. I want to live.” The traumatized, extended community conducted a healing circle of love ceremony, with silence, circle round, held hands, fought back tears, and prayed. Even the crown attorney could not control his emotions.

The greatest healing for the family and the community was when the justice was done by sending the criminal to the Penitentiary. Jessica’s Brother and mother told that they had a decent half sleep after a long time.

This whole process started by a simple message posted in the face book account of a community member. Even the defense lawyer appreciated the punishment and trial. These all contributed to mitigate the pains and sorrows of the affected.

Justice should be done. And we should stand in the side of justice and afflicted.


Jesus, we cry for justice. You are the God of love, care and justice. Lord, spare us from the dark forces, prowling behind us, to abuse and kill. You be our shield and protection. Let all our families and community, join together and do the healing circle of love. We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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