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Facing Difficulties in Life

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

“People cry out when they are oppressed. They groan beneath the power of the mighty. Yet they don’t ask, Where is God my creator, the one who gives songs in the night.” (Job 35:9-10)


If you search the word "brokenness” in the dictionary, you’ll get many different definitions. “Forcibly separated in to two or more pieces; break apart or severe by divorce; separation or desertion; have been violated being in the state of disarray, disordered, weakened; crushed by grief, financially ruined, bankrupt; not functioning or out of order.” Can you relate this to your life situation? Have you had any time when you were forced to ask “Why me?”

Read the story of the Miracle mom - 31 year old, Janis Ollson, a Canadian woman.

When she was pregnant with her second child, the doctors diagnosed her with a rare bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. The only treatment known is to cut her in to half to get at the untreatable cancer, remove her leg, lower spine and half her pelvis. She was told there was nothing else the doctors could do. She was hit to her breaking point. The cancer had spread through several bones, her pelvis, lower spine and through lot of muscle tissue. It was a tough decision. When she heard that the Mayo clinic surgeons in USA are ready to perform the surgery, she had to make a decision fast. She felt that anyone with kids the decision has to be obvious. They have no option except to go for surgery. She was thrilled and said, “somebody had a plan. It wasn’t hopeless.”

She spent 52 days in the hospital. The surgeries were successful. The cancer was brought to remission.

She went to the church holding on to her husband Darl’s arm to renew their marriage vows accompanied by their her two children. She said her husband is the glue. She says she has never dwelled on “Why me?”

“We don’t know when it started…. It’s not known why anybody gets it. There’s no cause for it, no genetic link, no cancer in her immediate family."

"There’s some purpose to all this whether I know it or not,’ she said.

She is a wonderful witness for Jesus. There are still "Jobs" in 21 century!


Lord, we know now there is a purpose for all our pains and sorrows. Give us the power to withstand it and understand it. You are renovating and transforming our life fitted for you in our sorrows. Thank you Jesus. Heal us. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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