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The High Church: Chapel That Really Is That Little Bit Closer to God

This is the church where religious leaders really are preaching from on high - perched 130ft on top of a pillar of rock.

High Church, Chiatura, Georgia

Heavens above: The tiny church is perched 130ft on top of a narrow pillar of rock in the Georgian city of Chiatura. The building can only be accessed by a steep ladder up the rock

The tiny church sits precariously on a jagged cliff which has been eroded by weather over almost 14 centuries.

It is believed that pagans built the temple in the bizarre location as the pillar was thought to symbolize their god of fertility.

This incredible church really does take you one step closer to heaven. The house of God offers an altar-native place to pray but only if you have a head for heights - because it lies on the edge of an amazingly steep 130 foot cliff.

Experts believe the building - near the city of Chiatura in the former Soviet republic of Georgia - was constructed on the mountain between the sixth and eight centuries.

Inside High Church

High and mighty: Father Maxim lives inside the church which is currently being restored by volunteers. He said it has been his dream to live on top of the rock since he was a child

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