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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 40. Comment on the argument that 'salvation is through faith and not by the act of Baptism'?

First let us see what baptism really is. Some religions believe that salvation is possible by asceticism, pilgrimage, and self-torture. Christian belief is that, salvation is only through Christ, who is the giver of salvation to those who believe in Him.

Therefore it is obvious that if the recipient does 'acts' as per the commands of Jesus Christ and apostles, God will give the recipient salvation and many other gifts from God. There are so many examples in the Bible which show that if the giver has the power to give in the name of God, because of the Godly acts he does to the recipient, the recipient receives the benefits.

This is what the Anglican Church says The internal effect of Baptism is the new birth or regeneration; the beginning of the life in grace (John 3:5). Every person who is baptized receives the new birth Baptism also conveys the forgiveness of sins and provides the recipient with a remedy against the tendency to sin (original sins) with which all human beings are born. (The Christian faith by Claude Beaufort Moss, London 1954). The Anglican Church believes that by the act of baptism the recipient receives the remission of sins and is born again.

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