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7 Months in Kerala

By George Aramath

George Aramath, son of an Indian Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Priest from Texas stayed in Kerala from August 2007 until May 2008 - for 7 months. George wanted to experience the rich Syriac Orthodox tradition of his parents and become "keralized". He has penned his experiences in a random basis in his journal. It is very interesting.

For those who do not know Kerala, the God's own country, this will provide some insight that is not found in tourism books. For those who are from Kerala, it provides a journey back to memories.

Thomas Joseph commented on his blog:

"George - Glad to see your blog. Having been raised up in Kerala, it is interesting to read your account of the US-raised Malayalee discovering roots - your candid observations highlight what I have taken to be the "obvious". I'm glad that you have the rustic experience that I cherish about my childhood. Even though I travel to Kerala every year, my folks have all migrated to urban locales or adopted an urban lifestyle that my daughter is yet to experience the pleasures of a new-born goat."

Table of Contents

Journal 1

Journal 2

Journal 3

Journal 4

Journal 5

Journal 6

Journal 7

Journal 8

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