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Sermon of The Week

First Sunday After Christmas

Gospel Reading: Luke 2:40-52

The perfection of Jesus Christ in every age
by HG Mathews Mar Barnabas

Christ About His Father's Business
by the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon

Age 12 and Not a Smart Aleck?
by Pastor Edward F. Markquart

My Father's House and Business
by Norb Kabelitz

Didn't you know?
by Jerry Goebel

Where Is Jesus?
by The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody

Lectionary Blogging on Luke 2: 41-52
by John Petty

Exegetical Notes on Luke 2.41-52
by Brian Stoffregen

The Boy Jesus in The Temple
by Rev. Bryan Findlayson

First Thoughts on Luke 2:41-52
by William Loader

Learning from Our Children
by Peter Woods

Commentary on Luke 2:41-52
by Craig A. Satterlee

Commentary on Luke 2:41-52
by Ginger Barfield

Jesus: A Normal Teenager
Gospel Reflections by Father Gerry Pierse

Fear, Family and Christmas
Feast of the Holy Family by Fr. Gerry Pierse

Gospel Reading: St. Matthew 2: 9 - 15, 19- 23


Touched by an Angel
by John Jewell

Lectionary blogging: Matthew 2: 13-23
by John Petty

Exegetical Notes on Matthew 2.13-23
by Brian Stoffregen

Herod and Historical Probability
by Edward F. Markquart

Dreams and the Dreaming
by Rev. Corey F. O’Brien

The Early Years Of Jesus (Matthew 2:13-23) (outline)
by Mark A. Copeland

The Escape to Egypt. (Matthew 2:13-23)
by Rev. Bryan Findlayson

First Thoughts on Gospel Passages from the Lectionary
by William Loader, Murdoch University, Australia

Celebrate the Christ-Child and Remember the Children
by Rev. Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson, Alberta, Canada

Homily IX - Matthew 2:16
by St. Chrysostom (c. 380)

How to Hear the Word of God
by Rev Dr V Kurian Thomas, Valiyaparambil

Bible Commentaries on St. Matthew 2: 9 - 15, 19- 23

Scripture of Matthew 2:9-23 (KJV)

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Matthew 2:9-23

Wesley's Notes/ Commentary on Matthew 2:9-23

Geneva Notes/ Commentary on Matthew 2:9-23

Jamieson Commentary on Matthew 2:9-23

B.W. Johnson Commentary on Matthew 2:9-23

Catena Aurea - Patristic Commentary by St Thomas Aquinas on Matthew 2:9-23

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