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This week, we have two important canonical days in church.

1. The Friday After Pentecost is known as Golden Friday

The Sermons and Commentaries for Golden Friday can be found below.

2. The Sunday After Pentecost is First Sunday After Pentecost.

The sermons and Bible Commentaries for Sunday can be found here:

Sermons and Bible Commentaries for the First Sunday After Pentecost


Golden Friday
(Friday After Pentecost)

Gospel Reading: St. Luke 22:24-30


The Servant Leader
by Michael McCartney

The Upside Down Kingdom: The Kingdom Reversals from Luke's Gospel
by Bob Young

Christians: Use Your Time to Seek Greatness!
by Pastor Karl Walther

St. Bartholomew Sermon
by The Rev. Dustin L. Anderson

Bible Commentaries on Luke-22-24-30

Gospel Reading Luke 22:24-30

Matthew Henry's Commentary - Luke 22:24-30

Wesley's Notes on Luke 22:24-30

Geneva Notes on Luke 22: 24-30

Next Sunday: (1st Sunday After Pentecost)

Sermons and Bible Commentaries for the First Sunday After Pentecost

Last Week's Sermons:

Sermons and Bible Commentaries for Pentecost Sunday

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