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Sleebo Feast (September 14)

Gospel Reading: Luke 21:5-28

General Sermons/Homilies for Sleebo Feast

Finding of the Holy Cross
by Rev. Dr. V Kurian Thomas, Valiyaparambil

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
by Fr. Daren J. Zehnle

Homily for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
by Fr. Andrew]

by John Wesley

Worthless Wisdom or Foolish Faith
by Jeremy Lundgren, AZ

The Power of The Cross
by Keith Smith

Conversations on Calvary: The Unrepentant Man on the Cross
by Marvin A. McMickle

Sermons on Luke 21:5-28 (Lectionary Gospel Reading)

Futurologists and their vision for the future
by Edward Markquart

Lectionary Blogging on Luke 21: 5-9
by John Petty

An Opportunity for Your Testimony
by Jerry Goebel

A View From The Future
by John Jewell

So What's Happening? - Sermon on Luke 21:5-19
by Walter W. Harms

Reading the Signs - Sermon on Luke 21:5-19
by Dr. Luke Bouman

Promise And Paradise
by The Rev. Dr. George Hermanson

Blessed and Persecuted
by L. Gregory Bloomquist

Appearance Over Content?
by Larry Broding

Exegetical Notes on Luke 21.5-19
by Brian Stoffregen

Bible Commentaries on Luke 21:5-28

Gospel Passage on Luke 21:5-28 (KJV)

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Luke 21:5-28

Geneva Notes/ Commentary on Luke 21:5-28

Wesley's Notes/ Commentary on Luke 21:5-28

Jamieson Commentary on Luke 21:5-28

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Sermons, Homilies and Bible Commentaries for the 1st Sunday after Sleebo Feast

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